Pre-Order Policy

Pre-Order Items

Sometimes, there is an item on the horizon that is so fabulous you just know you need it - never mind the wait!  Pre-order items will be clearly marked as “Pre-order” in their name and description, and include an estimated ship date.  Estimated ship dates are based on the most current information available from the manufacturer at the time, but please know that these are estimates, and not a guarantee that these items will ship on that exact date.    

  • How do I pre-order?
    A pre-order item can be reserved by checking out with it just like a regular item, but instead of paying the full price, you pay a deposit of $5 or about 15% upfront, and then the remainder when the item arrives.  Once the item arrives you will receive a second invoice for the difference between the full item price and what you have already paid.  Invoices are due 72 hours after they are sent, and will be followed up with a reminder each day until they have expired.  

  • How can I check the status of my pre-order?
    The product page will always reflect the most current information available for the item.  Should there be a significant update (such as the item shipping late - or early!) you will get an email update.

  • What if I change my mind? 
    You may cancel your pre-ordered item at any time before the item ships for a store credit of your deposit by replying to the order confirmation you received after making your deposit, or emailing me at  Your pre-ordered item may be returned in accordance with normal return policy.  

    • What if I change my mind and don't tell you?  What then?  Huh?
       If your order is not canceled or completed, you forfeit your deposit and claim to that item, and your deposit may be donated to the election campaign of a politician that you hate*.  However, I'd prefer to spare us all that awful fate - just email me at!

      *This statement contains two truths and a lie.
  • What if the manufacturer never sends the item?
    In the unlikely case that the manufacturer fails to deliver the item entirely, your deposit will be returned to your method of payment after failure is confirmed with the manufacturer.

  • Anything else?
    Wow, you must really like reading!  Use the code Love2Read at checkout to take 10% off anything in the Final Sale section!